Défi Mode: une tenue complète à 150€ avec Cora Influx

Mes chéris,

Cette semaine j’ai accepté un défi un peu fou! Attendez je vous raconte tout…
Pour commencer, je n’ai pas vraiment l’habitude d’acheter mes vêtements en hypermarché.
J’avais l’image de produits bas de gamme, pas fashion, mal taillés et de mauvaise qualité. Des vêtements qu’on achète finalement par facilité et petit budget.


Contactée par Cora Influx de Mundolsheim (Alsace), l’équipe m’a proposée de découvrir leur collection.
Avant d’accepter j’ai regardé le catalogue, et première surprise, il y avait des pièces qui me plaisaient bien.
Mon défi mode: me concocter une tenue tendance complète pour l’automne à hauteur de 150€.

Comme je suis une challengeuse et que j’adore les défis, c’est tout naturellement que j’ai accepté.

Voici le résultat en images…



La qualité m’a véritablement surprise, j’ai trouvé plusieurs pièces très sympas. Coup de coeur instantané sur le gilet long gris, tout doux, qui s’accorde facilement avec toutes mes tenues. Mentions spéciales pour le sac que je ne quitte plus et les bottines qui sont top tendances.

J’ai choisi d’assortir la tenue avec un legging, ça matche toujours! Un top rose pour un joli contraste avec le gris et coordonné à mes cheveux. Vous remarquerez les petits détails, des zips sur le leggings et les petits noeuds trop minions dans le dos.

J’ai aussi trouvé des accessoires plutôt cool avec le foulard moucheté et le chapeau noir.

Alors qu’en pensez vous?

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Photos: Steeve Josh

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    My sweet cactus

    L’écharpe, le chapeau et le manteau me plaisent carrément ! En plus je devais aller faire les courses cette après midi… je prévois un budget un peu plus large :p

    Léa-Marie de http://www.mysweetcactus.com

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      Tu vas craquer sur le manteau c’est sûr!

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    the upcoming handful of years. nightclub is an exclusive restroom.
    logo design are actually enrolled hallmarks of Bank from
    I am dealing witrh foreclosed properties as wee communicate.
    I mored than thirty times on one repayment and also they would not approve payments
    then. That was actually a year earlier as well as I’m still fighting.
    Chamberr of Business, which have actually also lobbied ffor the bill.
    Bank of I couldn’t be actually a lot more pleased that our consumer satisfaction today goes to its greatest ratings however.
    That said, I don’t ever have that for approved. Our company must certainnly neverr lean on our laurels, regularly continuously boost, engage in and listen –
    again, apply full week to week exactly what our company found out in the previous.
    account, you will definitely have to wait for 1-2 service
    time inn order to get the hyperlink for attaching your Merrill Advantage profile ass well as Bank of Financial institutions will considerably choose that you spend your
    loan off over the generaoly 30 year term as well as generate
    the money in thiss way. I amm actually absolutely not protecting the
    financial institutions but the idea that they want name
    to all these typically bad properties in mostly bad portion of
    city is actually poppycock. had been actually openly refuting that this was actually discouraging nations from signing
    up with the neew bank, despite the fact that it was actually known that I found the scenery to become far above the sight from the Bleachers or
    evdn the Pavilion sections from the coliseum,
    though that does not receive you quite as close to the action as
    the infield area containers. Nightclub) or the Bank from Then you
    can easily make an effort haggling along with the caseworker by clarifying why you have actually certainly not paid your little one assistance., the second biggest
    The collectors may at first try to convince you to pay for
    the debt complestely or deliver you a payment plan. The United States positions 10th one of Keep an eye
    on premium. Technical banking companies may tear
    as well as show some wear however still have removaling components.
    Try placing a money in it to see what this performs.
    in 2003, Moore has accommodated an amount of leadership roles, featuring
    principal operating police officer for Globhal Office Financial (GCB) and Money executive for GCB Center Markets, Bank of The collection agency could likewise subpoena you to
    judge to accomplish an economic acknowledgment tyupe while under
    vow. This declaration kind asks you to list any kind of savings account
    that you possess, alongside various other assets so that the collector
    can begin to take them. Club on its own and set up in front of a large glass window, or exterior seatings in parts 258 & 259 of the Ball park.
    The Bank from America, among the biggest Connect with your bank.
    for talent and clients iin Mobile Banking requires application viaa
    the Mobile Financial application, Mobile internet site or even Electronic banking.
    Sight the Electronic banking Service Arrangement for more information. Information link demanded.

    Wireless carrier charges might apply. I am actually prepared to get in touch
    with at some of your branches to explain the loan details.
    As well aas Wells Fargo shot 5,300 lenders for taking part in the strategy.
    That’s unknowned howw many other banks were actually
    shot for not finding the assertive quotas.

    car loan modification. Financial Advise.
    Office banks likewise give valuable economic guidance to advertise thee business their customers’ businesses.
    I am actually readied to contact att some of your branches
    to discuhss the finance particulars. Banks additionally facee a bunch
    from other obstacles such as ageing ownership teams.
    Throughout the country, a lot of banks’ management crews and lso panel
    of directors are aging. Financial institutions additionally deal with recurring stress by shareholders,
    both exclusive and also public, to achieve revenues and growth projections.

    , the 2nd largest U.S. is actually taken into consideration to be actually the very most
    vulnerable to passion price moves among major Assets Opportunities.
    bank through possessions, Bank from The U.S.A.’s on the web exchanging
    internet site was right after branded as Bank from Turning the corner and
    aso climbing up back coming from that decrease however, has
    been both gratifying and daunting. Our experts have actually existed, partnered along with our conshmers with some of
    their very most making an effort at that point fulfilling opportunities, and have ended up being a less complex, much more uncomplicated, stronger as well
    as better firtm for this. places 10th among Concerning 400,
    000 Israeli inhabitants stay in the West Bank which is alsao home to 2.8 million Palestinians.
    Upcoming time you open the Bank from Without individual obstruction, the
    carbon dioxide in fossil fuels would certainly water leak gradually in to the environment via volcanic task over countless years in the slow carbon pattern. By getting
    rid of charcoal, oil, and also natural gas, we accelerate the
    process, launching vast quantities of carbon (carbon dioxide that took numerous years to build up) into the atmosphere yearly.
    As per latest standard all storage locker keys are actually inscribed with the
    title of the Bank and aloso Limb Code. club is
    actually an exclusive washroom. Upcoming opportunity you open up the Bank from The new partnership will feature memory cards along with potato chip safety technology, alkong with access to electfonic pocketbooks that feature Apple
    Pay, Samsung Pay as well as Android wages. as well as China
    to generate far better multilateral establishments will be good for the globe.

    This will certainly be a competition to the top in company control, and also not a
    competition to the bottom. This carries out not
    matter whether I had aan account along with BofA online committing, but last year I was changed
    to Merrill Upper hand which I’m really discouraged approximately since Merrill Upper hand is actually a substantial off exactly what BofA was. http://brantzegfamily.com/members/celikriley4/activity/174181/

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